By: Cameron Blum, Senior Editor



We all know about the two main video game sports developers, EA Sports and Take 2 Interactive or just 2K. Today we will be talking about the new upcoming basketball game from the 2K side of things, NBA 2K18. Our perception of the game as the public could be very different from the professionals, but as a person who put a lot of time into NBA 2K17, there are changes to be made, and I’m going to tell you about them.


For the people that read this and think that they are going to hear that 2k needs better servers, they are wrong, in a sense. Just think for a second, why would 2k have bad and laggy servers, well because they have the only sports game that can connect more than 40 people in one area, while also running 9 different mini games in that small area. If you don’t know what I am talking about already, I’m talking about the most popular game mode, MyPark. They could improve their servers, but not as much as people of the 2k community want them to. People want 2k to accomplish something that no other game has ever done before, and as to be expected, it’s a lot harder than the player base thinks it should be. We the players want a better game, and think that it’s easy to make a game and fix problems, but in all reality, it’s tough. We should focus on the bigger problems like the charge cheese, or the over powered signature layup animations including MJ and John Wall.


The first thing they need to do is increase customer satisfaction. What about when Ronnie 2K, the community manager, said they were going to add in an underwater park, and we’ve yet to see that happen. Why would you say something that is not true to many hopeful gamers who would want something new and cool like an underwater park. It dissatisfies the community, and ruins your own reputation, and Ronnie 2K has also stated that Yeezy’s would be added to the game, and while that’s a lot smaller than a new park, players of the game would love to play in them and style on the park.


They also need to improve other animations, and add in a lot more content on the MyTeam end of the community, as NBA Live has done so successfully over the past few years. The pack odds must be boosted, to make competition more fair and make the skill gap wider for the game to be enjoyable for all, as pulling diamonds is extremely rare, and nearly impossible for the people like me, that don’t pour hundreds upon hundreds of dollars into a video game just so I can have a better team than everyone, yet still suck.

So what do you want from NBA 2K17? Leave a comment on it and Goodbye.