By: Christopher Ferrara, Editor-in-Chief

I know that this isn’t the review you expected for Injustice 2, but I haven’t gotten my hands on the game yet, and I can’t review a game that I haven’t played. However, I’ve played a decent but of Injustice 2, not as much as my friends because I have exams to take, but I’m going to give you a review for the mobile game anyways, but if you haven’t already checked out my mobile gaming post, I will leave a link on my twitter and facebook to that article. Anyways let’s get into it.


The controls for Injustice 2 mobile are pretty simple to learn. Tap the screen for a basic attack, swipe left and right to move, swipe up for an aerial attack, hold the button in the bottom left button to block, hit the 3 buttons in the bottom right corner for special moves, and the orange button is for a super move. Really simple, but timing is everything when going for these moves. Although, unlike the console version of the game, you can’t block or dodge super moves, which is annoying when you’re on low health and on your last fighter, they can still just end you with one move, no matter if you’re blocking or not. Sorry, that should be in gameplay, but it was relevant to the topic of super moves. That’s really it for the controls for Injustice 2 mobile.


The gameplay is stellar for a mobile game, with above average graphics, and good animations, this game doesn’t disappoint in this department. Starting the animations that I just mentioned, minus the occasional laggy animation, and dropping frames like I drop my phone in my house, there isn’t much to complain about with the animations. The threat system is pretty good, but the odds of getting a gold hero are a lot more rare than you would think they would be. When you queue up for an online match, the loading screens are ridiculously long, but when you finally get in, the servers are often times great, with little lag and the controls often times working as intended. The team system is really good for leveling up characters, even though it was ripped straight from Mortal Kombat mobile and the first Injustice. It gives you a chance to experiment with what you want to fight with and adds another level of strategy with the class advantages and disadvantages. For a mobile, even for a console game, the gameplay is great no matter how you stack it.

Game Modes/Features

The game modes are still VERY limited, and to me the lack of game modes isn’t what I wanted out of a console adaptation, even though the console version doesn’t have many game modes either. The game modes that are in the game, are in Layman’s terms, are mediocre. The story mode, which I was excited to play, until I found out it was one chapter. It was challenging, as you can only use Batman, and he, like most silver tier heroes, is hot garbage. The campaign, which are fights in which you can level up your characters and earn gear for upgrades, is a lot of challenge, mixed with the right level of fun and strategy is the ultimate game mode. Operations is a mode where you send out heroes to defend against other players, but the only reward is gold, which you can earn in many ways besides these operations, not the best mode they could’ve put into the game. The resource missions are challenging, but they are well worth it, getting you xp casules, used to level up characters, and other random rewards that change every day. The Arena, the online portion of the game is stellar, providing rank, which gets you weekly season rewards and daily season rewards. The daily get you gold, while the weekly provide something way more important in hero shards. You use hero shards to buy chests and get more heroes. The gear system is simple, you gain gear, like boots, and leg pieces, apply them to a character, then upgrade the gear. Or, you can also scrap the gear for blue shards, I don’t know the technical term, which you use to upgrade other gear. All around, another solid part about this game.


8.2/10- Good