By: Christopher Ferrara, Editor-In-Chief

So right before the NBA Finals started, 2K announced that Kyrie Irving, superstar point guard for the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers. Could he suffer from the curse that has plagued athletes on the covers of sports games for over a decade? From games 1 & 2 of the finals, it seems like he’s suffering from the curse, but in such a small sample size.

2K has also come out with a release date for NBA 2K18, which is slated for September 5, 2017. This isn’t an uncommon slot for games to release, especially for 2K, but the eager fans want to see more than the cover athlete, as NBA Live has come out with a trailer already. However, I have little faith in NBA Live anymore, and I believe that 2K is in no way worried.

Short article, I know, but let me know what you think about Kyrie on the cover and the September 5 release date in the comments. As always have a wonderful and safe day 🙂