By: Christopher Ferrara, Editor-In-Chief

I am fully aware that this article is days late, as the gameplay came out Tuesday or Wednesday, not today. However, the article is getting out to you guys anyways, so here we go.

So EA Sports held an NBA Live 18 event in New York earlier this week, and at said event they released more gameplay and screenshots for the game, including a shot of the Drew League court and some shoes, as well as some parks for the online modes similar to park. I will leave the gameplay and screenshots at the bottom of this article, if you want to watch it.

I don’t want to spoil any of the gameplay for you like I did last time, so I will instead talk about what I want/ My Thoughts on the NBA Live franchise. Since Live 14, the live franchise has struggled to compete with 2K in the basketball game market, and that has hurt the view of the public about the NBA Live franchise. To me, the real issue is the animations. They’re clunky and slow, unlike 2K’s quick movements, and the commentary needs to be better so that the game is easier to listen to. Ever since Live 08 came out the animations have suffered, and the fact that they’re still using the ignite engine doesn’t help them get better animations, and it’s evident in these trailers as well. Shout out to AiiRxJONES for the video footage, don’t mind the commentary, it was the closest I could get to the actual trailer and screenshots, so if it bothers you just turn it off or mute it.

Tell me what you think of the NBA Live gameplay and screenshots, leave a comment, and as always have a wonderful and safe day 🙂