By: Christopher Ferrara, Editor-In-Chief

The game that the COD community has been waiting on since the first month of Infinite Warfare. They were all waiting on Sledgehammer’s next project, which was suspected to be a WWII as reports came out after the release of Advanced Warfare that Sledgehammer wanted to make a third-person shooter set in WWII, but Activision almost forced them to compete with Titanfall, hence Advanced Warfare.

This game kept the design of MWR, and took some elements from World at War and Battlefield 1. It looks promising for the E-Sports community and just good in general. The graphics are very similar to MWR, but futuristic in a way. It looks clean. I’m definitely excited to see what other new multiplayer game modes they are going to add in, as in the gameplay presented they display a new mode similar to operations in BF1 and I love it, it looks fun to play and a solid game mode. Shout out to jackfrags for the gameplay go subscribe to him. I will let you watch the gameplay below.

Comment on what you think of the gameplay and as always have a wonderful and safe day 🙂

P.S. Sorry for the late article, I’ve been busy lately.