By: Christopher Ferrara, Editor-In-Chief

EA Sports dropped a number of trailers recently revolving around the new game mode in NBA LIVE 18 called “The One”. These videos revolved around the streets portion of “The One”, as opposed to the league portion. These videos will be included in a few articles after this one. So at the end of all of these videos, EA put the release date for the demo for NBA LIVE 18, which is slated for August 11th, however there is still no official release date for the whole game. On top of that, there was new gameplay that dropped that I failed to post about, so for that I apologize, but that has been released and is on YouTube currently. This Article is very much late and I’m sorry for that, but I will make an effort to post more consistently from now on. There are also screenshots from NBA 2K as well that I will be covering relatively soon so be on the lookout for those articles in the near future.

So what do you think about NBA Live 18 and the new game mode “The One”? Leave a comment on your opinion, it always helps, and as always have a wonderful and safe day 🙂